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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Even when we are surrounded by loving supportive relationships, there can be times when even our nearest and dearest cannot hear us the way we need to be heard.

Therapy offers a unique space where you can explore your issues with someone who is engaged, curious and rooting for you, but also able to reflect on your situation with you from a variety of perspectives. My job is to foster a space where you feel supported, whilst also gently challenged. The process can often feel very difficult; it might mean having to look at aspects of yourself and your life that you may not want to. The key is to find a therapist you feel comfortable enough with. Do not be afraid to shop around.

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably and there is some debate in the field about what the difference is, if any. Broadly speaking counselling refers to shorter term work (3-6 months) with a focus on what issues the client is facing in the present moment. Psychotherapy tends to be longer term work, and whilst a client usually comes in wanting to focus on present issues, the work can delve deeper, exploring early childhood and primary relationships and how they may be affecting the present moment. However a counsellor may work in an in-depth, psychotherapeutic way, and, conversely, a psychotherapist may well employ short term type work as part of the work if they feel the work requires it.

Both counsellor and psychotherapist focus on creating a safe environment for you to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgement and with a focus on helping you understand yourself and your situation. Additionally both are bound by similar codes of ethics.

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